The Gin Swing


Starting back on WEDNESDAY 8 JANUARY 2020!
The Philharmonic, St Mary's Street, Cardiff, CF10 1FA
Top floor function room - 'The Boutique'.
8:00pm - 11pm
£5 Social Dance

Welcome to Lindy Hop Cardiff's very own weekly swing dance social in the city centre! 
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8:00pm Social Dancing for all levels - whether you've only taken one lesson or are a seasoned hopper, this social is a chance for you to build your confidence and share your love of swing dance with other dancers in the community.
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The room is a great space for a small weekly dance social, with a vintage vibe and wooden floor plus windows/aircon, there will be enough space for some dancing and also space to sit and drink too. During busy times, we'll also be able to spill over in to the upstairs lounge area and outdoor roof terrace, perfect for that much needed dose of fresh air.
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We've our own bar within the Boutique room for these events, with a specialist Gin Menu (hence the event name!), plus our own Discounts for Dancers, so make sure you order your drinks within the Boutique bar and not down in the main bar area.

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Please note that these events are aimed at dancers with some basic swing dance knowledge.
If you wish to join in the fun, best to check out one of our Lindy Hop Classes