Modern fashion - vintage passion

Lindy Hop is rooted in the swing era, finding its feet in the 1920s Charleston, and dancing its way through the 1930s and 1940s. Some dancers like to honour this by wearing authentic vintage outfits from the period, while others are happier in modern day clothing. At Lindy Hop Cardiff events we suggest you go for whatever suits your style the most, and ultimately remember to keep it comfortable and practical for dancing. ​

Avoid heavy hot materials, or anything that could restrict your movement. Deodorant and mints will keep you fresh to dance all night. Always bring changes of top to social dances - expect to get hot! Best to avoid vests or backless tops. 'Safety Pants'/Shorts under skirts will ensure you can spin around the dance floor without blushing.


Having the right footwear from the start will make a huge difference to your dancing and physical well-being. Generally you want to go for flat shoes with a smooth sole. Avoid sports trainers, heavy boots, sandals, and heels - unless dance specific shoes, which are recommended for more experienced dancers. 

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