Jacobs Market Vintage Party

Private party booking - ticketed event - send to ex-students, students, and friends.

Bring your own booze, so no license or staff needed. Encourage safe and moderate drinking.

Pay for security man on door.

Room hire for evening.

Saturday 9 December ideally 8pm - 12am

How could i hang fairy lights across ceiling in garland style without hooks? Get damage free wall fixings?

What furniture or stuff could i borrow from the market? The Chesterfield sofa was offered?

Access to kitchen to wash up. I'll bring vintage tea cups and glassware.

I'll bring my PA on stand, and laptop.

Theme - decadent, vintage

Dress outlandish decadent vintage, or come as you are and laugh at the rest of us!

1920s and 1930s era, not 40s and 50s

Music = Christmas Swing or Balboa / Charleston style. so idea is people are not dancing all night, but have a drink and chat and a dance every now and then.

Access to roof open for air. and different vibe. Safety issues inc alcohol??

Vintage gramophone prop by DJ table.

Catrin's projector on one wall, with repeating clips of dancing or old films. Would need to edit something together to do this and possibly run off someone else's laptop, unless it can just be done off a phone.

Piles of comfy cushions? Bohemian?

Low lighting but corner lamps - vintage standard lamp

One one wall, using the sheet i bought in john lewis, paint a vintage design? Black and white?

Use blackboard signs in vintage text font to add detail - directions up stairs, or BAR / FOOD etc.

Work out minimum head count to break even. Keep it cheap and cheerful. Work out max capacity.

possible option of taster class in 20s dancing if desired before hand. If space is available in the day, they may let me go up early to set the space with friends too.

Enquire whether they've got a heater incase we want to make it warmer on arrival. Could be so cold we see our breath if not careful.

Could bring some blankets / furs to cosy up...