The perfect complement to your partnered dancing to improve body flow and footwork


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7pm - 8pm
Roath Conservative Club
£20 per course
These courses are run in 4-week blocks every month, giving you a unique opportunity to develop your solo dancing to a higher level. These are accessible to all levels, as each course will start at a basic level, and will be tailored to develop at the pace of the group. No prior experience of solo dance is required, but some basic Lindy Hop will be an advantage.
Solo Jazz is a fun way to express yourself to swing music, through improvisation or choreographed routines. Within the world of swing dance, Solo Jazz focuses on the roots of jazz dance including elements of tap and Charleston. It is a perfect complement to your partnered Lindy Hop, giving you a chance to master footwork variations on your own before trying with a partner, and also gives you greater options for Breakaway moves - highly creative, fun and musical moments in your social dancing where you break hold from your partner to solo freestyle before jumping back in to hold again. These courses will be themed each month from smooth jazz to upbeat Charleston, looking at either original choreography or classic strolls, performance styling and technique, improvisation and jam circles.
If you can't commit to the full 4 weeks, contact Anna to discuss your options at

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